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Updating built in storage cabinets

The green-and-blue–tiled backsplash feels right at home in this space.

Make your kitchen work hard by tucking in needed storage like corner shelves and built-in drawers and cabinets in the island.

For an unexpected decorative touch, line the backs with wallpaper so it coordinates with your style.

A kitchen that opens up into the main living area can be an extremely exciting space to decorate.

There's something remarkable about a kitchen with an eclectic side.

Mixing styles can add both charm and comfort to a space.

If you choose to stick with a neutral palette for the larger items (white walls, black granite counters, and ivory cabinets), then you'll have greater freedom and flexibility to update accents like textiles, runners, and even place settings.

Large vaulted ceilings and multiple windows can make a room feel larger than it actually is.

If you’re drawn to the color blue, then it's a natural choice for the area in which you spend the most time.Think beyond the primary functions of the kitchen and consider how it can seamlessly extend into the other areas of your home. Here, the splashes of red weave into different nooks like the kitchen counter accents, cushioned bench, and living room side chair and window treatments.When a few rooms spill into the kitchen, it's time to create a balanced flow, which can be accomplished with a cohesive and simplified color palette. Just as you'd decorate a living room around the mantel or a bedroom around the bed, plan your kitchen around the cooking zone.More than just a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen is where all of the action in the home takes place. From entertaining guests to gathering together on Saturday mornings as a family, it's the true heart of the home.Whether you're renovating, redecorating, or simply updating this space, consider how you live before making any changes.

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To avoid visual commotion, keep the rest of your accessories (kitchen textiles, servingware, plates) in this color palette.

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