Pros and cons of dating older man

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Intimacy does not translate to sexual relationship here.

Intimacy is more linked to having a tight bond, which go to the heart and goes beyond physical.

” Or if you feel tired, he or she will give you a cup of tea, plus a hug. In contrast, if you are single, you will have to learn to get rid of loneliness.

You have to encourage yourself to be stronger in hard time. And of course, friends sometimes can’t understand you as a soul mate does.

Read on: 1000 Questions For Couples As you are in a relationship, you are happier than a single one because there is always a safe place for you to come.

Imagine that you just have had a busy day at work, and when you finish your work, your lover will come and ask “How about your work today?

He or she will be a good one who you can share your happiness and sadness with you.

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Read on: 13 signs of a good husband and father are exposed Some people isolate themselves from a relationship and when they get connected with true ones, they may change their perspectives, build their self-esteem and even change their lives. For those who are single, just try to stay in a relationship and you will find its benefits.