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While the early days of the women’s tribe in was filled with drama, neither side ever considered going after Ami.

There have been debates over who truly was controlling the primary women’s alliance that would go on to wipeout the men until there was only Chris Daugherty left.

It’s crazy to think nowadays that a felt like a natural final season up to that point., the show revolved almost entirely on the personalities the contestants on the season.It’s more common now that we will see storylines about the strategy of the game and how players are posturing themselves for the end-game.Ami embraced the idea of men vs women more than anybody on her cast and really drove the point home whenever the opportunity presented itself.She was portrayed, and is also in real life, as a strong woman who can be looked at as an inspiration for young girls. We first see the wrath of Ami Cusack when she cuts Bubba Sampson.

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There have been notable female players before Ami, like those mentioned above and Jerri Manthey, her spiritual predecessor, and there were many after Ami as well, Parvati Shallow, Amanda Kimmel and Cirie Fields spring immediately to my mind.

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