How to be safe while online dating

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“Some sites let you block or report aggressive or inappropriate users,” Stewart says.

“Use it.” Telling someone to leave you alone or simply not responding will most likely not get the job done, especially if you are in fact dealing with a stalker.

Annie*, a sophomore at the University of California at Los Angeles, has been on a handful of dates with people she met on Tinder.

If the person you’re talking to starts to make you feel uncomfortable, don’t try to be polite.I wanted to be sure he was who he said he was.” Spokeo is a people search engine that combines information from various online sources, and there are many other platforms like it.“There are about 10,001 background search companies out there,” Stewart says.“You don't have to give your direct number,” Stewart says. “Don't mention specific places and times of places you go to,” Stewart says.“Guard any personal information that could be used to track down your location or steal your identity until you really know someone.” For instance, your match does not need to know that you go to X gym every Friday.

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