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In a crowded market, whatever’s scheduled to be the Next Big Thing had better be pretty awesome–able to take the best from FA, Facebook, Twitter, and build a one-stop shop for furry community (and furry art, I’m not sure you can separate the two.) Having a few extra features would be a plus.

And, as proposed in its project page, the Morham App delivers in spades.

We furries have the same problem as gamers, cosplayers, and sports fans: if you’re female and wish to attend an event, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of receiving unwelcome attention.

Transactional fees are a part of the world we live in, but it’s going to be a hard decimal point to place.You have to break down the app’s features into chunks, this burger is too big to bite into. (If you’d like to see the demo version of the app itself whizzing through its features, here’s a link directly to the feature tour.Social: In my local community, we’re served mostly by facebook and twitter, good tools to communicate with friends but not great for finding new contacts.And so we tend to mostly see women who are happy enough dealing with this nonsense, and we tend to think of these women as normal.It’s easy to hold them up as an example for all women, and to suggest that all women should consider unsolicited male attention ‘in the right spirit’, or as an ‘ego boost’. It serves to reinforce the idea that women should be able to deal with unwanted advances themselves…

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And many of those will already be in a relationship, or otherwise not available.

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