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Emily maynard who is she dating now

(In the book, she writes, “I had seen him around church and knew he was an elder.He was very hard to miss because he was so, um, hot!Obviously it wasn’t to meet my husband – shockingly enough – but I felt like maybe God gave me the platform so that I could help grow his kingdom.” Her message in the book? I wanted them to know that that’s something that happens to everybody.” Before we go any further, a little background for the uninitiated.

“I just doubted he was still gonna want to be with me,” she said about her doubts regarding Womack’s commitment-level.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kind of compromises has the show made to get Emily to sign on?

Rumors are production will move to Charlotte, so she can be near her daughter.

“I still feel a lot of shame and embarrassment about doing the show,” said the Morgantown, W. native, “but that’s where my faith has to come in, too – that God doesn’t care about any of that, and I need to focus on what he has planned for my future.” As for that faith, she reveals in her book that “church was an occasional event” when she was a child, that her relationship with God became stronger thanks to Ricky Hendrick, and that it was tested after he died. Besides, I wanted personal companionship, real-life people I could talk to and do fun things with.

“You’d think I’d turn to God, but I didn’t,” she writes. Not knowing where to turn, I started hanging out with a fast crowd that liked to have a good time.

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