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Delphi 7 updating

Go ahead and select a location on your disk, you can place it in the same directory as you selected for the component source code for convenience.

Be sure to put something in the box for the component description too, such as “Windows Media Player” for example.

The second parameter to alter is the “Unit Dir Name” to specify where the component source code will be placed after it is generated by the wizard.

Select a location on your disk for the source code to be written to, and click next.

You’ll now be presented with a list of Active X controls which are registered on your Windows system.There is however an alternative component for Windows, the Microsoft Windows Media Player Active X component.In this post, I’m going to show you how to import and make use of the Windows Media Player using Delphi.Go ahead and click “Yes” to import the VCL reference and dismiss the dialog.You’ll now see the component being built, and if all goes well you’ll be presented with this dialog…

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Fortunately, in the case of the Windows Media Player component, it’s installed by default with Microsoft Windows and has been since Windows 7 (and maybe earlier?

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