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Dating clothing clothing

was spotted holding hands with Reich in New York City on Tuesday after the duo grabbed lunch together.

Reich is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and was previously the head of business development for clothing brand Theory.

This section provides information about the type of clothes and fashions worn during these times.

The Sumptuary Laws distinguished seven social categories and made members of each class easily distinguished by their clothing.

lothing and fashion like everything else during the Middle Ages was dictated by the Pyramid of Power which was the Feudal System.

The clothing worn by nobility and upper classes was clearly different than that of the lower class.It is a curious fact that Spain invariably partook of the heaviness of clothing peculiar to Germany because the Gothic element still prevailed there.Fashion in France was fickle and capricious, always ready to borrow from every quarter any style of clothes and fashion.The Women's Fashion of the early Middle Ages was still influenced by the classical styles of the Greek and Roman women and their clothing was at times so tight as to display all the elegance of their form.The female clothing of the time consisted of two tunics, the under one being longer but less capacious than the other.

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Fashion dictated that women's dresses and clothing became shorter and were trimmed in the most costly manner.

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