Css keeps validating 100

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Css keeps validating 100

So I'll change my solution to yours in my original post. Some of these CSS workarounds work great, but generally apply to inputs.When using textareas, because they dynamically grow, I'm still getting an overall between the error message and the text area content.To provide some context for the new features, let's first peer into a simple HTML form that doesn't use any of the new features, as shown in Figure 1.

Login form plays a key role in website development, which authenticate user access to other resources.

In this article, I will introduce these new form features, exploring some of the new elements and attributes, how to apply styles, and new ways to control validation in script.

Rather than try to cover everything that is new, instead I will focus on some practical aspects of HTML5 form development that you can start using today.

deep), but it still thinks the datepicker input is the active element on the page, so when the window regains focus, it displays the datepicker.

(This can be proven out by interacting with anything else on the page, then switching tabs the same way as originally described by OP).

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What about browsers that do not support the new HTML5 form input features?

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